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Implementing innovative processing technologies for nutrient-dense plant foods to safeguard nutrition security – an East African and Southeast African country comparison. The Vegi-Leg project.

Männer bei Feldarbeit in Afrika
Hadijah Mbwana

The main objective of the research project “Vegi-Leg” is to safeguard nutrition security for the local population in Tanzania and Mozambique. It supports the development of processing technologies to improve nutrient-quality of products and perennial availability, for example via the sustainable production of vegetable powder.

Project activities are organized in three phases dealing with state of the art analysis, innovation development and implementation.

The combination of low cost technologies such as solar driers and simple dehulling machines to meet nutritional needs coupled with investments in processing technologies to supply food for the local markets is used to improve nutrition security.
Vegi-Leg focuses on nutrient-dense plant foods rich in protein, micro-nutrients and secondary plant metabolites. Therefore, pigeon peas and African indigenous vegetables were selected as key food items for further processing.

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